Locating faults in photovoltaic systems data

Autoren Alexander Kogler
Patrick Traxler
Editoren W. L. Woon
Z. Aung
O. Kramer
S. Madnick
TitelLocating faults in photovoltaic systems data
BuchtitelData Analytics for Renewable Energy Integration - Proc. 4th ECML PKDD Workshop, DARE 2016
Typin Konferenzband
SerieLecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
SCCH ID#16064

Since industry is transforming as envisaged in the Industry 4.0 initiative, models capable of virtual production are becoming vital. These models require support for validation, verification and requirements tracking, the integration of different models used in production and lifecycle management, and the capability of exchanging such models across organisational boundaries. Amongst others, this involves model interchange between different tools. We argue that only modelling languages with formally defined semantics can meet these demands. We motivate this through experiences with the standardised business process modelling notation BPMN, for which we defined formal syntax and semantics. These experiences should be used to also define a formal model for SysML.