Towards a generic customisation model for ubiquitous web applications

Autoren Gerti Kappel
Werner Retschitzegger
Eugen Kimmerstorfer
Birgit Pröll
Wieland Schwinger
Thomas Hofer
Editoren D. Schwabe
O. Pastor
L. Olsina
G. Rossi
TitelTowards a generic customisation model for ubiquitous web applications
BuchtitelProc. 2nd Int. Workshop on Web-Oriented Technology (IWWOST2002) in conjunction with ECOOP 2002
Typin Konferenzband
VerlagWest Project
OrtMálaga, Spain

Promising application areas like e-commerce and m-commerce require ubiquitous access to web applications, thus providing time-aware, location-aware, device-aware and personalized services. From a software engineering point of view, appropriate modelling techniques are needed being able to address the ubiquitous nature of such applications. This paper proposes a generic customisation model allowing to adapt web application services towards their context as implied by ubiquity. Accordingly, the customisation model comprises a context model and a rule model providing the basic building blocks to specify certain customisations. At the web application's side, so called adaptation hooks are introduced representing the glue for integrating the customisation model with the context-independent web application model. The applicability of the approach is demonstrated by means of several examples in the area of a web-based conference management system.