Building mobile applications - comparing the Java and .NET approach

Autoren Franz Gruber
Werner Kurschl
TitelBuilding mobile applications - comparing the Java and .NET approach
NoteTutorial at 4th Workshop Mobile Commerce. Augsburg, Germany, February 2004

Having passed organizational issues on realising mobile applications for an enterprise, technical problems have to be solved. Firstly the integration process into the existing infrastructure has to be carried out, secondly for the implementation adequate technologies have to be chosen. For the second question, many technologies claiming to be the best arise on the market.Especially interesting are technologies, which promise to port the well known desktop technologies Java and .NET to mobile devices. In this tutorial these two technologies in their mobile form (i.e. the Java 2 Micro Edition and the .NET Compact Framework) are compared, applying criteria as architecture, design, availability, development environment, technical applicability and maturity.