Differential-algebraic equations in process simulation

Autoren Wolfgang Freiseisen
Wilhelm Medetz
Petru Pau
Robert Keber
Dietmar Stelzmüller
TitelDifferential-algebraic equations in process simulation
BuchtitelProc. 3rd Int. Workshop on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms in Scientific Computing (SYNASC 2001)
Typin Konferenzband
OrtTimisoara, Romania

Differential-algebraic equations, which are systems of differential equations and algebraic constraints, occur in mathematical models of physical or engineering systems. Specific algorithms for numerical integration of such systems have been designed. Also, software packages dedicated to various domains of physics and engineering have been developed. We present here the status of the development of a system that consists in a compiler for a special modeling language - Modelica. We also discuss possible directions to use symbolic computation, in order to extend the system to allow automatic generation of Kirchoff laws.