Ubiquitous web application development - A framework of understanding

Autoren Anthony Finkelstein
Andrea Savigni
Gerti Kappel
Werner Retschitzegger
Wieland Schwinger
Christian Feichtner
TitelUbiquitous web application development - A framework of understanding
TypTechnischer Bericht
NummerSCCH-TR-145, -0179
OrtHagenberg, Austria
SCCH ID#0145, 0179

E-commerce and m-commerce have dramatically boosted the demand for services which enable ubiquitous access. Ubiquity with its anytime/anywhere/anymedia nature requiring context-aware computing and personalisation calls for new engineering techniques supporting these kind of services. In this paper, we propose the notion of customisation as the uniform mechanism to provide the necessary flexibility with respect to both context-aware computing and personalisation. Customisation is realised in terms of a reflective architecture consisting of context, profile and customisation rule management.