3D distributed rendering and optimization using free software

Autoren C. Gonzales-Morcillo
Gerhard Weiß
D. Vallejo-Fernandez
L. Liminez-Linares
J. Albusac-Jimenez
Titel 3D distributed rendering and optimization using free software
Typ Artikel
Journal European Journal of the Informatics Professional
Nummer 6
ISSN 1684-5285
Monat December
Jahr 2008
Seiten 45-53
SCCH ID# 744

The media industry is demanding high fidelity images for 3D synthesis projects. One of the main phases is Rendering, the process in which a 2D image can be obtained from the abstract definition of a 3D scene. Despite developing new techniques and algorithms, this process is computationally intensive and requires a lot of time to be done, especially when the source scene is complex or when photo-realistic images are required. This paper describes Yafrid (standing for Yeah! A Free Render grID) and MagArRO (Multi Agent AppRoach to Rendering Optimization) architectures, which have been developed at the University of Castilla-La Mancha for distributed rendering optimization.