A context-oriented synchronization approach

Autoren Dirk Draheim
Christine Natschläger
TitelA context-oriented synchronization approach
BuchtitelElectronic Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop in Personalized Access, Profile Management, and Context Awarness: Databases (PersDB 2008) in conjunction with the 34th VLDB confercence
Typin Konferenzband

Synchronization gained great importance in modern applications and allows mobility in the context of information technology. Users are not limited to one computer any more, but can take their data with them on a laptop. Two common architectures have been developed recently, the Data-Centric Architecture as well as the Service-Oriented Architecture. This paper compares two existing technologies for the implementation of a mobile client and introduces a new approach, developed based on the requirements of a major insurance company, the Context-Oriented Architecture. This approach allows detection and resolution of conflicts within the context in which the objects were changed, while still ensuring data correctness and consistency. Therefore two new synchronization concepts are introduced: the synchronization of complex objects and dialogue-sensitive synchronization. An application implementing this approach has been realized and successfully deployed.