Empirical evaluation of strategies to detect logical change dependencies

Autoren Günter Pirklbauer
Editoren J. Leeuwen
A. Muscholl
D. Peleg
J. Pokorny
B. Rumpe
Titel Empirical evaluation of strategies to detect logical change dependencies
Buchtitel SOFSEM 2010: Theory and Practice of Computer Science
Typ in Konferenzband
Verlag Springer
Band 5901
Abteilung PQE
ISBN 978-3-642-11265-2
Monat January
Jahr 2010
Seiten 651-662
SCCH ID# 946

Change impact analysis plays an immanent role in the maintenance and enhancement of software systems. There still exist many approaches to support change impact analysis. In the last years researchers try to utilize data in software repositories to gain findings for supporting miscellaneous aspects of software engineering, e.g. software evolution analysis or change impact analysis. In the context of change impact analysis, approaches (=strategies) try to detect logical dependencies among artifacts based on the version histories of files in the concurrent versioning system (e.g. CVS). They try to infer logical couplings of files (artifacts) based on co-changes (files which are frequently changed together). Based on these findings we want to contribute with the presentation of insights of deeper investigation of historical information in concurrent versioning systems in general. In this paper we have identified and described existing strategies to detect logical change couplings. These strategies will be illustrated by practical use cases. We have empirically evaluated these strategies based on versioning system repositories of two industrial projects. The analysis figures the absolute and relative contribution of dependency results per strategy. Furthermore we show overlappings of dependency