Gralability: Tool Support for Usability Testing of Graphical Languages

Autoren Michael Moser
Josef Pichler
TitelGralability: Tool Support for Usability Testing of Graphical Languages
TypTechnischer Bericht
InstitutionSoftware Competence Center Hagenberg
SCCH ID#1046

Domain-specific languages are a proven approach for end-user programming provided that the end-user is involved in defining both the notation as well as the tool support for the domain-specific language. Hence, usability test concerning the domain concepts, the concrete syntax of the language together with its tool support are mandatory in a very early phase even the language and its environment does not exist yet. Tool support for usability tests of visual DSLs facilitates prototyping of such languages in a mission critical way. In this paper we describe an approach and tool support for prototyping of visual languages together with its interaction scenario for usability testing involving end users without the need to fully specify and implement the language and its environment for the intended target platform. Moreover, we compare our approach with paper prototyping as well as prototyping with language workbenches.