Modbat: A model-based API tester for event-driven systems

Autoren Cyrille Artho
Armin Biere
Masim Hagiya
Richard Potter
Rudolf Ramler
Yoshinori Tanabe
Franz Weitl
Mitsuharu Yamamoto
TitelModbat: A model-based API tester for event-driven systems
BuchtitelProceedings of the 10th JSSST Dependable System Workshop (DSW 2012)
Typin Konferenzband
SCCH ID#1264

Software testing executes a system under test by giving it a series of inputs and comparing the out- puts to expected values. Model-based testing gen- erates test executions from an abstract model that describes the system behavior. Existing model-based approaches are not well- suited for event-driven or input/output-driven sys- tems. In particular, there is a need to support non- blocking I/O operations, or operations throwing ex- ceptions when communication is disrupted. We present a new tool called Modbat", which is specialized for testing the application programming interface of systems where these issues are common.