How to make mobile BPM robust and intelligent

Autoren Dirk Draheim
Theodorich Kopetzkzy
Josef Küng
Editoren Layna Fischer
TitelHow to make mobile BPM robust and intelligent
BuchtiteliBPMS - Intelligent BPM Systems: Impact and Opportunity
Typin Buch
VerlagFuture Strategies Inc.
SCCH ID#1360

We represent a workflow management system that realizes a sweet spot between the robustness of a centralized master workflow enactment service and the flexibility of distributed disconnected workflow management services. The architecture emerged in a concrete scenario with the requirement that traveling business agents can continue to work with their supporting enterprise applications even if they are disconnected from the Internet and therefore disconnected from their enterprise IT infrastructure. Key characteristics of the solution are mobile and intelligent data and workflow state synchronization mechanisms.
The system was implemented at the largest Austrian insurance company AUVA. There is still no single systematic BPM suite available that handles the problem of disconnecting and reconnecting clients in a smart way. As we now from many discussions in CIO cycles, in practice only ad-hoc solutions based on ECM systems or public mail folders are used to deal at least with the data facet of the described problem. However, with these ad-hoc solutions a smart treatment of distributed workflow state is nigh on impossible. The presented system shows a way out of this dilemma.