Continuous software architecture analysis

Autoren Georg Buchgeher
Rainer Weinreich
Editoren Muhammad Ali Babar
Alan W. Brown
Kai Koskimies
Ivan Mistrik
Titel Continuous software architecture analysis
Buchtitel Agile Software Architecture
Typ in Buch
Verlag Morgan Kaufmann
Kapitel Chapter 7: Continuous software architecture analysis
ISBN 9780124077720
Monat January
Jahr 2014
Seiten 161-188
SCCH ID# 1270

This chapter discusses software architecture analysis in the context of agile processes. Agile processes are characterized by incremental and interleaved activities and by a focus on continuous improvement and delivery. Most approaches to software architecture analysis, however, have been developed to be performed at dedicated points in the development process or as external evaluation activities and not as continuous activities throughout the development process. This chapter discusses continuous software architecture analysis (CSAA). It reviews important requirements for CSAA and outlines how CSAA is supported by current software architecture analysis approaches. It further presents experiences with an approach for continuous structural and conformance analysis and identifies future research challenges.