Generic approach for dynamic disaster management system component

Autoren Marina Tropman-Frick
Thomas Ziebermayr
Editoren F. Morvan
R. Wagner
A. M. Tjoa
TitelGeneric approach for dynamic disaster management system component
BuchtitelProceedings of the 25th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications - DEXA 2014
Typin Konferenzband
SCCH ID#1457

Software support for disaster management requires approaches for flexible and generic processes. The “mini story approach” provides those properties and is therefore an appropriate concept to address the challenges of disaster management. This paper focuses on the implementation of the mini story approach in the context of disaster management. It presents the concept, design and the mapping strategy as well as implementation details of the Dynamic Disaster Management System Component. This includes details on required design decisions and selection of appropriate technologies. The resulting Dynamic Disaster Management System Component is able to provide the required flexibility for task handling and the management processes in case of disaster.