An overview of knowledge management techniques for e-recruitment

Autoren Jorge Martínez Gil
TitelAn overview of knowledge management techniques for e-recruitment
JournalJournal of Information & Knowledge Management
ISSNPrint: 0219-6492, Online: 1793-6926
Seiten1450014-1-1450014-9, DOI: 10.1142/S0219649214500142
SCCH ID#1402

The number of potential job candidates, and therefore costs associated to their hiring has grown significantly in the recent years due to both the complicated situation of the labor market and the increased geographical flexibility of employees. Some initiatives for making the e-Recruitment processes more efficient have notably improved the situation by developing automatic solutions. But there are still some challenges that remain open since traditional solutions do not consider semantic relations properly. We overview those knowledge management techniques that can play a key role in the design of a novel business model that is more attractive for job applicants and job providers.