Assessment-based innovation system customization for software product line organizations

Autoren Friedrich Stallinger
Robert Neumann
Robert Schoßleitner
Editoren A. Mitasiunas
T. Rout
R.V. O'Connor
A. Dorling
TitelAssessment-based innovation system customization for software product line organizations
BuchtitelSoftware Process Improvement and Capability Determination - Proc. SPICE 2014
Typin Konferenzband
SerieCommunications in Computer and Information Science
SCCH ID#1454

Innovation is regarded a key element for an organization’s business success. The models and methods available for innovation management mainly concentrate on the product and service businesses in consumer or business-tobusiness markets. Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) allows delivering customized software at reduced costs and development time while simultaneously enhancing quality. To reach that, SPLE employs proactive planning and engineering which require prescribing product features, variants, etc. Innovating and flexibly adapting a product line is thus highly challenging. We present a holistic approach for systematically evaluating and adapting an innovation system for SPLE organizations based on the organization’s business characteristics and discuss how the process dimension is embedded into this approach and related to the concept of process assessment and improvement.