With an open mind: How to write good models

Autoren Cyrille Artho
Koji Hayamizu
Rudolf Ramler
Yoriyuki Yamagata
TitelWith an open mind: How to write good models
BuchtitelFormal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems - Proc. FTSCS 2013
Typin Buch
SerieCommunications in Computer and Information Science
NoteRevised Selected Papers
Seiten3-18 (DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-05416-2_2)
SCCH ID#1366

Writing effective models for systems and their environment is a challenge. The task involves both mastering the modeling tool and its notation, and faithfully translating all requirements and specifications into a complete model. The former ability can be learned, while the latter one is a continuous challenge requiring experience and tools supporting the visualization and understanding of models. This paper describes our experience with incomplete models, the types of changes that were made later, and the defects that were found with the improved models.